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Cleaning Your Carpets To Perfection In Oxford, Oxfordshire 

Relax and unwind while enjoying the comforting feeling of fresh, clean carpets on your feet. At All Brite Cleaning & Property Services, in Oxford, Oxfordshire, we have a team of skilled carpet cleaners on hand to offer expert carpet cleaning services for your pristine property.

Vacuuming a Carpet

Conducting an Effective PH Test

As versatile cleaners, we treat even the most delicate carpets and fabrics with an unrivalled standard of care. Prior to cleaning your homeaccommodation, or office, we conduct a pH test on the dye in your carpets and fabrics.

Testing Your Carpet's Fibres

Natural, wool-based carpets are delicate and require special attention. First, we conduct fibre identification tests to determine the most suitable cleaning method and chemicals to be used. Additionally, fibre testing allows us to tell whether a stain is permanent or removable. Prior to vacuuming, we reverse the comb pile to release any matted fibres. This ensures the cleaning process is highly effective.

Vacuuming Any Loose Elements

It is a requirement that, prior to extraction cleaning, any loose soil must be removed from the carpet's fibres. Unfortunately, when this step is not followed, dry dust turns into mud. This causes early re-soiling once the fibres have dried, creating a dull appearance.

Applying Dry Stain Treatments

Prior to cleaning, any stains must be pre-treated with water-based chemicals or solvents. This should always be performed when the carpet is dry, and while the stain is clearly visible. In addition, the solvents or chemicals should remain for a certain amount of time to take effect.

Applying Chemical Spray Treatments

As highly skilled cleaners, we recognise that perhaps the most difficult area of carpet and upholstery cleaning is the effective application of pre-treatment chemicals. When we pre-spray your carpet, these chemicals break down any dirt, holding it in liquid form until we remove it with the extraction machine.

A Powerful Hot-Washing System

At our company we use a Prochem hot water extraction system, as Prochem are renowned for their quality. At this stage, we begin the deep extraction cleaning by using a forceful extraction system. This pours temperature-controlled water and neutralising detergents into the carpet's fibres. Following this, we remove 90% of the injected water using powerful twin vacuum pumps.

Expert Manual Cleaning Services

Once we have carried out the above processes, we clean any inaccessible or delicate areas by hand. Then, we conduct a final inspection and repeat the first six to eight techniques on heavy traffic areas.

Re-Dress Pile Treatments

When the optimum results have been achieved, we correctly set the carpet or fabric pile while it is damp. Drying times are determined by the methods used, though typically last between two and four hours as the moisture evaporates. Of course, we always offer a follow-up call when we have cleaned your carpets.

Contact us, in Oxford, Oxfordshire, to acquire more details about the carpet cleaning services offered by our expert carpet cleaners.